Dregen – Dregen

Having experienced one disappointment after the other with Gluecifer’s disbanding in 2005, Hellacopters calling it a day in 2008, and Backyard Babies’ uncertain “break”, the news about Dregen releasing his first solo album created some pleasant nervousness. Especially, after he participated in Michael Monroe’s band and his latest “Horns And Halos” magnificent album.

As a founding member of Backyard Babies, and playing in Hellacopters for some time, Dregen is a very interesting personality and an important chapter for Scandinavian rawk. The first song on the album, “Divisions Of Me” could easily have been on Hellacopters’ “By The Grace Of God”, or “Grande Rock”, and as a matter of fact I am very surprised that it wasn’t! those keyboards, drive and Dregen’s grainy vocals pay a glorious tribute to the sound that was born in the ‘60s from the Stones, established in the ‘70s by the New York Dolls, and found a place in Scandinavia in the ‘90s, thanks to Hanoi Rocks’ in the previous decade.
The speed, the frenzy solos, and the swagger are all there, but still, this album cannot stand in the same level with Dregen’s former bands heyday. Nevertheless, the material in his first ever solo album is the best medicine to rawk fans that wasn’t impressed with ‘Copters Nicke Andersson attempt with Imperial State Electric (Dregen played with them too!). Maybe, this is the beginning for something new, or a kick on Backyard Babies ass to wake up and come back… I hope so!