Edenbridge will enter the studio in June to record their 9th full length album “The Great Momentum”. The album will be released through Steamhammer/SPV in February 2017!
 Guitar player Lanvall: „A full year of songwriting and arranging lies past me and I am really looking forward to the actual start of the recordings now. After the quiet and melancholic debut „Everflow“ of the acoustic project VOICIANO and the huge 6 DVD documentation „A Decade And A Half..The History So far“ about the first 15 years of EDENBRIDGE, it was time to focus on new, symphonic and bombastic sound territories again!
I am extremely happy with the new songs, cause they continue our trademark style on one hand, but integrate a lot of new facets in our sound on the other. The music seems to be heavier than on our predecessor „The Bonding“ and the orchestra parts and chorusses are even more concise and bombastic than in the past!
„The Great Momentum“ for me, transports everything that EDENBRIDGE stands for in the year 2016. This goes from the short, sentimental ballad „Only A Whiff Of Life“ to the monumental 12 minutes longtrack „The Greatest Gift Of All“.
Furthermore Sabine and I co-worked on 5 of 9 lyrics. We started this creative process on our acoustic project VOICIANO and I believe that songs like „A Turnaround In Art“, „The Die Is Not Cast“ and „Return To Grace“ are wonderful witnesses!“
Singer Sabine Edelsbacher: „Our new creations show, that we had no standstill, although the frequency of our album releases has larger intervals than in the past. It simply takes time to let such a sophisticated production grow and EDENBRIDGE stands for quality and not quantity!
Our co-working process on the lyrics was absolutely amazing again as already mentioned. Lanvall and I are highly complementing one another and the result is profound and hopfully inspiring again for libertines, like we are!
I still feel a constant development in my voice although I relatively don´t sing that much in rest periods. Still I am working on expression and dynamics and to record a new album is motivating me even more to discover and allow new nuances in my voice. All in all I can just say: a lot of things happened in our lives and this can be heard and felt on our new album!“
More Infos about the new album will be released in the upcoimg weeks. Stay tuned!