Edguy’s next release is “Monuments” combining new and classic stuff, a DVD and a 160-page deluxe book. More information from Tobbias Sammet himself: “Monuments is taking shape! Sascha is about to mix the new-album-part, the DVD is being edited right now as you read this and the book is coming together: A beautiful piece of art, limited, 160 pages, BIG PAGES! Pictures of all eras… Unseen pictures, silent witnesses back from the stone age, when only one in the band would be able to grow facial hair (and no one else in the band desired to follow).
There will be half an hour of new material, 130 minutes DVD material, approximately 20 of our classic tracks of our back catalogue (yes, old and fast stuff too, ha!) and a song that we found in our archives, nobody has heard yet. (None of you, WE have of course!) It was produced and mixed and never saw the light of day. It’s from summer 1995 and it’s terribly naive and charming, just like the old Savage Poetry. In fact, it was recorded in THAT session. The whole Monuments thing is gonna be awesome and we can’t wait to hear and read your reaction. As for the LIVE SET LIST this summer and autumn: We wanna have a blast, a party, playing our greatest stuff of all eras… If you could choose ONLY three songs, what would you want to hear? (We’ll play more than three songs, don’t worry…  😉 Have you got your ticket yet? Ticket link in the comments section. WE ARE READY! ARE YOU??? – Cheerz, Tobi”