Those Spaniards were formed six years ago as a power trio and released their first album, which was titled “Supernova”, in 2014. That year “our own” Dimitris Agglidis replaced their drummer. Now, the band, that now has four members, released the first part of its new album, which is called “Slave To The New Age”.

When you start listening you get the impression that it’s a typical stoner release in the likes of Red Fang, or Mastodon, but that changes rapidly with the first track (thank God!), which is called “Übermensch”. There is an evil Sabbathical groovy passage that concludes the song that makes the difference. And that’s the band’s weapon. It’s like you are driving in a dark road that looks like it’s straight but it’s hiding a lot of twists and turns along the way. That’s Elephant Riders, full of surprises on all six songs of this first part of their new album.

The songs that stood out were “Lord Of The Mountain” that closes the album and “Rubicon”, but there are cool details and highlights that will get your attention all over. What makes the band stand out is that they add modern elements in perfect harmony with their vintage touch. This kind of efforts fuel the interest in the specific scene and win fans for the bands that belong to it. I am waiting for the second part eagerly!