Floor Jansen and Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish were recently interviewed by Mariskal Rock TV. During their appearance, the pair clarified that Jansen will not leave the band after welcoming her first child in early 2017 during the band’s previously announced year-long hiatus.
It’s just a little break that we’re taking for about a year after being constantly on the road, in the studio, in the songwriting process for the last twenty years,” said Tuomas. “So it’s only gonna do good for the health of the band.”
Added Floor: “Well, we’ve had a very, very great tour from the beginning to the end. Nothing bad happened, nothing horrible came in our paths; we just had great show after great show, and great tour after great tour, and great responses from audiences everywhere on the planet. So what more could we possibly wish for?”
Asked directly if there is any truth to rumors that Floor might leave the band prior to Nightwish regrouping in 2018, Tuomas said: “She won’t quit.” Floor reaffirmed: “No, I won’t. I love this way too much; don’t worry. You don’t even have negative speculations one way or another. Things are great, and let’s keep on doing this forever.