Giant X – I

This is a project held by Running Wild singer, guitarist and mainman, Mr. (Rock’n’) Rolf Kasparek and the other “Pirates” member, since 2005, Peter Jordan. Peter has also taken care of the production on this one; he’s an experienced producer, having worked with many Rock acts through the years. It seems there is very good chemistry between those two, apart from what they do with RW. As for the songs in this album, they are more “Party-ish”, more fun; they are actually boogie and allegro-like. When listening to “Badland Blues” for instance, I understand these two are trying to play something different than the “Ya-ho-ho” motif we are used to listen to when playing Running Wild songs. “Now Or Never” is next, featuring double bass drumming, however this is a Rockthing, far away from Metal.

I’ve always had a thing for Rolf’s voice. Nothing special when it comes to octave extent and capability… Yet, that particular voice always had a sweet roughness, it’s a voice you can not ignore, to the contrary, you can even get stuck with it. Rolf is having a wonderful time here, singing stuff we thought he’d never do. I could even say it’s material that Sammy Hagar would compose… However, Rolf is totally cool with it, he’s singing like a genuine Rocker, totally matching Jordan’s riffs. You don’t believe me? Okay, let’s move on to “The Count” then and nobody would have any questions then. It’s a really cute songs, with “Seven-Eight-Getting Late” lyrics, a switch to AC/DC mode that is, and a respective feeling.
Reminds me of Krokus and it really works for me! Dude, what’s with that “Rough Tide” tune, is it some sort of deal between Motley Crue and Cinderella? Talking about serious conspiracy here or what? How about a massive hit? “Friendly Fire”, featuring a barbaric guitar theme and a catchy chorus. Loving the album, keeping in it in the loop…