Graveyard – Peace


It is not that distant when Graveyard broke up. For all the classic reasons, the great Swedish retro hard rock band with the so characteristic sound and the raw vocals of Joakim Nilsson had announced its breaking up in September 2016. Simply and quickly, without much analysis. Joyful news, on January ‘17, just four months later (!?) when the reunion, besides drummer Alex Sjoberg became a reality!
The truth is that “Innocence and Decadence” could not stand as an equal to “Lights out” of 2012 and it certainly was a long way from their top-performing “Hisingen Blues”. Double mission. To overcome the older Graveyard but also to prove that their reactivation is essential and that the band will move forward.
They managed to complete a third. One of the best records of 2018. The symbolic title that brings peace to their camp does not comply with their “new” sound. “It’s not over yet” is raging and it’s a statement! Short, aggressive, it leads to the blues-rock of the also furious “Cold Love”. Graveyard are famous for their slow moments with dynamic-passionate outbursts, so third in a row is “See the day” and the fifth track is “Del Maniac”, without being able to choose a winner between these too. Both great songs. The entire album offers intense 70’s hard rock, and the best and most psychedelic song is the boogie rocking “Low (I would not mind)”, which with its six and a half minutes completes a great album. “Peace” looks “Hisingen blues” into the eyes and Graveyard are here, united and strong.