Helker – Somewhere In The Circle

Back in the day it was kind of odd to listen to metal bands from countries that weren’t traditional powers in the genre, at least in the common metalhead’s mind. Nowadays, it’s quite impressive how many great bands exist in these countries. In Helker’s case we’ve got a band from Argentina with already three releases in Spanish, the official language of the country, and this one which is double in both Spanish and English. Something similar to what their compatriots Rata Blanca did recently with the only difference that they had to bring guest singer, Dougie White, to sing on the English version, whereas Helker’s singer, Diego Valdez, sings on both. I have no idea how he performs on the Spanish album, but on the English one he’s doing a great job!

“Somewhere In The Circle” is a classic metal album with some modern elements, impeccable production, pretty good songs and a singer that combines several virtues and brought to my mind a lot of vocalists from Russel Allen to the great Ronnie. That’s why I don’t think so special the inclusion of guest singers Ralph Scheepers, and Tim “Ripper” Owens. Both of them amazing singers, but if you have such a great performer like Valdez you don’t need guests… not that “Begging For Forgiveness” isn’t a great track! And not that “Ghosts Of The Past”, or “Wake Up” that wisely was shot as the album’s first video, lack. I am sure tha if you like classic European metal you’ll find more… “Somewhere In The Circle”!