Hinder – Welcome To The Freakshow

Many times I like to go back to a band’s previous album review when presenting their current one. Two years ago, when reviewing “All American Nightmare”, Hinder latest album at the time, I was saying that the band has hit the breaks; they were coming fast due to their first two albums and that one was a lot weaker. Hinder belong to this American origins bands – mostly – league, featuring bands taking over in “Heavy” music, over the past years, judging from the numbers. It’s a league featuring bands the likes of Buckcherry, Endeverafter, Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour, Bullet For My Valentine and more, supported by music industry in such difficult times; such a thing can not just pass by. They might not be the longest-living, however Hinder new album and projects like that give us a push to listen and pay attention.

The Americans are stepping on it this time! “Welcome To The Freakshow” is scoring aces across the board, composing areas mainly. It includes eleven hit songs, non-stop listened by a huge audience; their main advantages are the exceptional choruses and the equally exceptional album production, handled by Marshall Dutton, assisted by band drummer Cody Hanson. I’m positive that “Save Me”, first single for “Welcome To The Freakshow”, will be followed by other ones as well, that is whey these songs were written for. The best thing that a listener can get off this album is the fact that all songs hold special features and elements, adding to their “personality”.

I feel that Hinder justified my words; this is one band I’m following since they launched and I’ve always supported what they were coming up with.

I consider “Welcome To The Freakshow”, Hinder’s fourth album, one of the best releases of 2012. The album is out in many editions, once again, featuring a lot of extra material as well as another, alternative, cover.