Ian Gillan: A Visual Biography


This is yet another impressive publication by Wymer that once again manages to turn the spotlight on a Deep Purple-related book. For the non-connoisseurs out there, Wymer Publishing focuses on rock (but not only) books and it’s almost a steady…meeting point for all the Purple fans around the world who always get some really detailed books by this publishing house. All of you who had bought in the past a book or two by them know exactly what I am talking about as every book is synonymous with three words: collective, rare, qualitative. That’s right! Collective because the books are printed in limited quantities, rare because the vast majority of the photos have never seen the light of day before their publication and qualitative because all the information are straight to the point, objective and most importantly accurate! Need to add more…?

“Ian Gillan: A Visual Biography” is certainly not an exception to the rule as it includes all of the above and…some more! Right from the first steps with Javelins and Episode Six up to the glory Purple days and the follow-up with the eclectic Ian Gillan Band and then again through the years with the formidable outfit of Gillan, the surprise move with Sabbath, the reunion with Purple and the solo years, everything is featured and presented here through some excellent archival photo material. But please be aware that this is exactly what the book title says: “a visual biography”. If you are looking for thorough details then browse Wymer’s website and I am sure you will find something of interest.

One might wonder what are the extras regarding this book? Well, first of all, the hardcover book comes in a wonderful protective case and secondly it includes three Ian Gillan photos (most appropriate for framing). Naturally, such a book is also expensive but trust me…it is worthy of every single penny that you will spend for it! Here’s where you can order the book…