Last October in London I’ve had the good fortune to attend the press conference and presentation of this book and presented it to you. Attending an event like this is a great opportunity, even more when the person in honour is present and especially when this person is Jimmy Page!

Basically, this book is the autobiography of the legendary guitarist, however not in a text form that might entail the risk of becoming tiring (nevertheless, I don’t think that anyone could get tired of reading the autobiography of Jimmy Page) but with images. Photos from his teenage years and his first efforts with The Paramounts and other “school” bands in the mid-60s till The Yardbirds and of course Led Zeppelin when he became a legend, up to today with all the collaborations he has made. These photographs cover half a century of the history of one of the best, if not the best guitarists of all time.
This 510-page photo album presents the great guitarist on stage, backstage, in the studio, on tour, while it also includes many visa stamps of his passports, and also (this one is for the Greek audience) the one from the Elliniko airport of Athens from August 3, 1975, probably for holidays …

“Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page” is a gem both in historical terms and in terms of a beautiful edition. It is signed, or better sealed by him, as Jimmy Page uses a stamp instead of a signature for many years now, which bares his logo, ZOSO, with the date and the city an event occurs. The book’s price is barely OK for its standards. In any case though this is a very “heavy book”.