Iron Maiden – The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter


It’s one of the cases that the title reflects to a great extent the content of the live release.
“The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter” contains six songs from “The Book Of Souls” album that means more than half of the album, something that is very common of Iron Maiden, in order to totally support their latest release. It is recorded in different countries and cities from their tour “The Book Of Souls World Tour” mainly in 2016.

The success of this tour undoubtedly depicts in this live release both by the state of the band and by the audience whose participation was really intense.

As a live release, we must point out that this set is a typical one that Maiden performed during their whole tour, with any positive or negative that may entail. Besides, there’s always long talks about Iron Maiden’s setlists. Personally though, I find this live album more interesting than any other band’s live release during the last decade. As opposed to some of them (and the continuous and unreasonable reissue of the studio albums) I think that “The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter” is a good release, as far as timing is concerned, and honest as well since it constitutes a complete description of a huge tour that has just finished and the upcoming of another one in 2018.