Joe Lynn Turner – Street Of Dreams/Boston 1985


December 30th 1985 at Boston’s “paradise” with Joe Lynn Turner joined by the band he recently had recorded his first solo album “Rescue You” with playing the ultimate live show…

Honestly, the band’s performance is so good that sounds like you are listening to a studio recording and not a live show. Of course, the mixing which was taken care of the radio station WAAF 100,7 that was recording the show for a future broadcast has a lot to do with this. The specific recording was trading hands for years among the bootleggers circles including 4 or 5 more songs with “The Race Is On” from “Rescue You” that are not featured here, maybe because of the CD’s capacity, or some other reason. The set includes 8 songs from Joe’s solo album, “Stone Cold” and “Street Of Dreams” from Rainbow, a cover of “Them Changes” originally by Buddy Miles, “God Girls Gone Bad” that showed up later on a Bobby Messano solo album and “I Found Love” that showed up on Sunstorm’s second album in 2009.

It’s rather obvious that “Endlessly”, “Get Tough”, “Soul Searcher”, “Rescue You” are among Joe’s biggest highlights in his career and it’s really a shame that he doesn’t play this stuff at his solo shows. Fortunately, for all of his fans and classic rock fans as well this precious recording got an official release, the purchase of which is recommended.