“Delirium” was followed by a lengthy tour where Lacuna Coil appeared on stage which was perfectly reconstructed as an asylum and all the band members wore make-up and various hospital costumes. It was a really well-crafted and majestic production that left you under the impression –at least for me personally- of an experiment, something to test the waters and see if they will follow on the same path by using more or less the same pattern. If this was the case, then the whole “experiment” turned out to be a successful one.

“119 Show” is a special, 20th-year anniversary show that took place at 02 Forum in Kentish Town of London on the 19th of January 2018. The concert has a circus stage set and an English circus entourage called Incandescence also appears on stage. As one can easily imagine this is something very demanding from a production standpoint and Lacuna Coil does a splendid job despite the fact that Cristina was a little bit nervous as she stated in the backstage footage that is included here. The show becomes even more unique as Lacuna Coil performs for the very first time various songs from its back catalogue. In addition, it is evident that every little detail has been well-thought and well-worked as the circus personnel gels perfectly with the band on stage.

Naturally, there is many extra stuff and additional footage (interviews, commentary, band and fan quotes, meet and greets etc.). It goes almost without saying that this DVD is essential for every Lacuna Coil fan but also to anyone who is really interested in such unique, anniversary shows.