Lonely Kamel – Shit City


This is the fourth album for the Norwegian stoner band which doesn’t sound like it’s going to make any major change in your life, but it definitely give you all the right reasons to have a good time while you listen to it.

With two from its original members in their lineup Lonely Kamel seems to have been around long enough to know how to handle their gigantic riffs, maintain a tight rhythm section and provide “dramatic” vocals. “Shit City” is something more than a decent album with a few tracks standing out, like “White Lines”, “I Feel Sick”, “Freezing”, and “Falling Down”. Also, when needed they are not afraid to give more space to their music and explore their ideas, with two songs clocking over six minutes.

The album sounds like it was recorded live, since it’s very direct and warm, while the production is suitable to an album of the genre being organic and natural contributing to a very good result. No matter how one might look for it seems that there are no flaws in “Shit City”, where even the cover is characteristic.