Lord Vigo – Danse De Noir


Time flies for sure. It seemed like yesterday when I shared my view on the previous Lord Vigo album Six Must Die here at Rockpages but actually this was two whole years ago. The vibe I got from that recording is still vivid in my mind. The band came close to success but it ended up being closer to a miss than a hit. Well in this case we have an entirely different outcome, evident right from the very start. The first impression we get is the great H.R.Giger-ish cover art created by Peter Gric. Musically-wise the band has crafted a very imposing atmosphere with the crucial use of keyboards and the strategically placed bell chimes. The identity of the group is present, unchanged and vivid but the difference comes from the level of all compositions. The third full length album of the German trio is full of top tier anthems, miles above any of their previous recordings. They finally got to the point that they struggled to achieve. Because it doesn’t matter if you do everything right if you don’t have the songs to match your undeniable abilities.