MANDO – “Bare Bones”, Press Release

Mando’s new album “Bare Bones” is coming soon! A colorful sonic effort ,showcasing Mando’s inner world at its fullest. From heartbreaking ballads (“Don’t Come Around”, “Heart in Chains”) to dynamic rocky anthems (“When I’m Gone”, “Come Alive”) and mesmerizing numbers (“Don’t Drive Me Home”, “Wish You Were Mine”), it all comes together as a gift to the soul.
Influenced by her favorite music genres…rock, pop and soul, “Bare Bones” is deeply atmospheric, cinematic and breathtaking. The album was arranged and produced by the legendary Devon Graves (Psychotic Waltz, Deadsoul Tribe,The Shadow Theory). This is a truthful album, mostly written by Mando, that you don’t wanna miss! “Bare Bones” will leave a permanent mark on you…down to the bone!

“Bare Bones” Track List

1. Come Alive
2. Don’t Drive Me Home
3. Paper Thin
4. When I’m Gone
5. Heart In Chains
6. Concrete Love
7. Alone On A Throne
8. Don’t Come Around
9. Tearing Down My Heart
10. I Believe
11. Wish You Were Mine
12. Stranger Love