Maverick release new lyric video


N. Ireland’s hard rockers Maverick released a new lyric video for their song “The Last One” from their upcoming third album, “Ethereality”, which will be released on April 1st through Metalapolis Records.

The band asked from fans to share pictures of loved ones who are no longer with us to put in the video you can watch below.

Maverick were formed in the summer of 2012 and so far have released three albums “Quid Pro Quo” (2014), “Big Red” (2016) and “Cold Star Dancer” (2018).

“We grew up listening to Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin… you know all the classics… we love everything from Iron Maiden to some of the heavier stuff too… we love Winger and I think that Winger’s first three albums are very underrated and “Pull” is a great album as well… I think he took a lot of shit because he was good looking…hehehe! I think he got harsh criticism because of that. Reb Beach is an amazing guitar player, we love Whitesnake, some people I know love their ’70s albums, but I love “1987”, hair metal Whitesnake is more my thing, David Coverdale is an amazing singer. Back in his prime he was unbelievable. We also like the ’80s KISS albums with the bright pink and green… hehehe! We also like Skid Row, they are a great band, the first two albums are a massive influence to us and if I had to pick one more band I’d say Aerosmith. If there’s one thing I respect about Aerosmith is that on one album, let’s say “Pump”, they have three or four different kind of songs. I love that! We would like Maverick eventually to be able to write lots of different songs… maybe one day…” said David Balfour to Yiannis Dolas back in 2016.