Phil Campbell Bastards Sons

Phil Campbell’s band has taken its course for good. This second release puts it in a regularity which I think the legendary guitarist has the ability and experience to manage.

“We’re The Bastards” takes the band one step further than the previous album, eliminating more and more Motörhead elements in its music. Of course, rock and roll is not and will never be missing from Campbell’s works, he is committed to it and has clarified it many times in every tone. But here, we have a more elaborate sound and a much bigger spread in creating music, something that differentiates the album from its predecessor, “The Days Of Absurdity”. So apart from Rock and Roll, some Southern sounds are heard as well as country touches, mainly in the introductions of some tracks, but also in the biggest part of “Desert Song” which I consider as one of the best moments of the album even though it is not so representative of it.

However, this does not in the least affect the character of “We’re The Bastards” which sounds very compact in all areas. The main reason for this is definitely the maintenance of the line up of the band, something that nowadays is … a blessing!

I’m sure that not only will fans of traditional rock like this record, but also those of most modern one, with the somewhat … low tuned guitars.