METALLICA frontman James Hetfield has revealed in a new interview that theband is currently in the studio recording what is presumably the band’s long-awaited follow-up to 2008’s “Death Magnetic” album.

Speaking to EMGtv about his inspiration for the EMG Het Set and his three signature ESP guitars — Truckster, Snakebite, and Iron Cross — Hetfield said (see video below): “I tell ya, we’re recording right now, and there’s the number one guitar, there’s the number two guitar, there’s the number three. And here’s the third-track guitars that just sound different. They all sound different.”

METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich recently told that the band has written close to 20 new songs for its long-awaited tenth studio album, although he declined to offer a possible release date for the new CD. Ulrich said: “In our world, there’s been a distinct difference between the creative phase and the recording phase. With this project, we’re trying to bridge the two a little more organically and not have there be such a great divide between the processes. We want to see if we can bring some of the creative curiosity, the impulsive stuff that happens when you’re first playing a song into the studio.”