The majestic Michael Schenker is back with yet another brilliant album. This is essentially the debut studio recording of this super band that the German guitarist formed by members that have passed through MSG at one time in their career. And what we get here is the best vocalists in the business as “Resurrection” features Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley, Gary Barden and Doogie White; a line-up that is completed by non other than Ted Mckenna (drums), Steve Mann (guitar, keyboards) and Chris Glenn (bass). ‘Nuff said, really!

I can’t really remember when was the last time that I was truly impressed by an MSG album. Most definitely I really enjoyed all his efforts with Temple of Rock although they didn’t match the caliber of his classic records. To be precise, I am of the opinion that his best album since 1992 was “In The Midst Of Beauty” (2008)…up until now!

“Resurrection” should be already considered a classic Michael Schenker album! This is an arsenal of 12 flawless songs that remind at times both his first three albums and his latter commercial side (Steve Mann is doing a great job in that aspect with his melodic input). In addition and almost instinctively you can’t help but getting back to the 1987-1992 period every time you hear Robin McAuley’s voice. Graham Bonnet’s pipes are as powerful as ever while Gary Barden is by far the most expressive of them all with Doogie White being a close runner-up (and he has the luck of singing on the absolute hit of the album: “Take Me To The Church”). As for Michael himself; well, the guy is once again technically flawless with his melodic guitar themes providing the ideal background for an astonishing bunch of compositions. Especially on the instrumental track (“Salvation”) and the songs “Warrior” and “The Last Supper”, Schenker proves why he is one of the last great guitarists in the world.
“Resurrection” is an absolute diamond for Michael Schenker’s catalogue and it is an absolute diamond for the classic rock genre. Now, what’s left is the Ultimate Michael Schenker with Klaus Meine and Phil Mogg behind the mic…that would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

Highlight: Kirk Hammett provides the solo on the opening track “Heart and Soul”.