Monster Magnet Last Patrol

I will never be able to answer why Monster Magnet were never considered big in the music business. Those of you that are loyal chosen followers though, know that they’ve never released something mediocre, a rule that once more won’t break with their ninth studio album, ‘Last Patrol’.

It’s a record that goes back to their early – mid 90s sound, back to records such as ‘Superjudge’ and ‘Dopes to Infinity’, because the doses of irresistible psychedelia and dark otherworldly hallucinogens have been augmented and there’s more Hawkwind and less Stooges, compared to the recent past. The space lord, the king of Mars, the one and only comic book and porn addicted mastermind Dave Wyndorf, has composed great songs like ‘I live behind the Clouds’, the magical title track, ‘Stay Tuned’ and ‘One Dead Moon’ (a bonus track), has covered Donovan and has written lyrics about revenge, dukes, lost lovers, forgotten paradises, all those with the poetic nostalgia that’s always apparent in his words – I’m not exaggerating, read. There’s a couple of less great tracks, ‘Hallelujah’ and lead single ‘Mindless Ones’ for example; but Dave is forgiven of course.

‘Last Patrol’ is the newest chapter in the history of the coolest band in the galaxy. Pay attention.