In the beginning there was “Human” (2014). Then, the amazing “Sigma” (2017). Without wasting too much time, the progsters from Athens present us their new work of art. Another concept album, which I was very eager to hear as I was expecting something equally great.

Of course, the band managed to create high expectations by releasing their first video-promo, “Amber”. A magnificent song that is also the album opener. What follows next, someone can analyze it for hours. Or simply, he can listen to the terrific music and travel through a sea of emotions. Without being complex or difficult to the listener, it has compositions that will reveal a new detail each time you listen to them.

Here everything coexists in harmony. The guitar, the bass, the keyboards, the drums, are like one instrument. They all build each song together and on top of that, George Prokopiou (Poem) comes to put his mark with his passionate singing. I don’t need to mention that there are no fillers here. Each track has its own magic, something that can be easily understood from the flawless sound production.

Still, I can’t but mention the last one. “Artefact” lasts for ten minutes and you don’t want to end. It starts with keyboards, accompanied by a great vocal line, followed up by a narration with female vocals and in the last minutes the whole band joins to create a shocking ending.

I don’t know how many times I have mentioned the talent, the quality and the professionalism that a big part of the Greek scene is showing. Mother Of Millions are one of the most important representatives of this scene and they are releasing an album that shows once more the high level of the musicians that are part of this band. Rise, Evolve!