MSG/Doro @ Newcastle O2 Academy Hall


Arrived at the “scene of the crime” at around 1200. The atmosphere was nice as the crews were out and about and sorting out various things. I managed to catch up with Doro’s management. Really cool and down to earth guy.

At around 13.30 MSG started to do their sound check which lasted… not 1, not 2 but 3 hours!!! Prior to the gig starting…

I managed to catch up with Doro. Very lovely lady. Giving me advice to raise my fist and stay metal. Love it !!!

Fast forward to… 1900, Doro-Co took hold of the stage… blasting out “I Rule The Ruins”… suddenly silence and Doro ran into the stage singing. The crowd went mental. The band divided into their past and performed songs like “Hellbound”, their classic “All We Are”, “Burning Witches” and some of their later stuff like “ Raise Your Fist”, “Revenge”, “All For Metal”. The band gave their 100%… Doro was as always amazing. Giving her all!!!. Interacting with their crowd and being very thankful for the support she has received all these years. Doro’s set came to an end very quickly… Personally I wished she played a few more songs. Perhaps… next time.

At 2015 sharp… MSG took the stage. Michael Schenker, happy as always and blasting out guitar riffs and solos with his eyes shut, left everyone speechless. Ronnie Romero jumped at the microphone and the band covered a vast majority of MSG’s career by performing songs such as “Cry For The Nations”, “Assault Attack”, “Armed & Ready” and even some of their newer stuff like “After The Rain”. Michael decided to us back to his UFO years… playing “Doctor, Doctor”, “Lights Out”, “Rock Bottom”, “Too Hot To Handle”. After 23 songs … and nearly 2 hours the show came to an end. An extremely good show… both bands performed amazingly. Really good sound from all angles of the venue.

Raise your fist in the air and hopefully we will have more shows like this out during our post-Covid times.

Images & Words: Jason Kasioptas