Mystic Prophecy – Metal Division


As accurate as a swiss clock Mystic Prophecy release a new album every two years. With this one they return to original stuff, as their previous one was a covers album.

“Metal Divisions” has not an easy task to fulfill as it follows the very good “Metal Brigade”, so the comparison will be inevitable. Following Liapakis’ successful recipe the entire team is on attack mode making a strong album that contains two of the band’s best songs ever. These are “Here Comes The Winter” a classic Mystic Prophecy mid-tempo and “Dracula” which is pushes the envelope a bit as it sounds a bit like… Rob Zombie! From then on the rest of the material is of high caliber with the melodies of “Eye To Eye”, the turbo speed of “Die With The Hammer” and the catchy “Mirror Of A Broken Heart” standing out sending this album to a penalty shoot-out with its predecessor to have a winner.

Personally, I think that “Metal Brigade” was a bit better, but that’s not important since both of them are great albums.

Needless to say that all the work on guitars, rhythm section, production and mixing are top notch proving that this band is a guarantee for the final result it produces and rarely disappoints its fans.