Adam Messler of Soundwave Brigade recently conducted an interview with TRIVIUM guitarist Corey Beaulieu. Among other things, Corey talked about the band’s next studio album…
Corey: “It depends on the whole tour process. We’re always working on new music. We’ve been writing even before ‘Silence’ came out; ideas are always popping up. By the time we get done touring, we’ve already got the jist of what we’re going to go into the studio with. We have a lot of material. There’s no shortage of that. Now it’s working out scheduling with producers, studios, the whole timeline of pre-production and songwriting. We should be able to get into rehearsal space to jam everything and get it to where it sounds like a bunch of songs. Hopefully once we have a better idea of that, then we’ll know when realistically the next record might come out. Definitely sometime next year, but I don’t know exactly when it will come out. But it will come out next year. Any time before December [2017] it will be out.”