Last month, we were glad to see Richie Sambora send a note of congratulations to Bon Jovi upon the release of their new single, “This House Is Not for Sale.” Now, he’s offered a Slash-like answer of “never say never” to the possibility of returning to the group.“We just talked a week ago,” he told Australia’s of his relationship with Jon Bon Jovi. “Everything is cool. They’re on a different trajectory, I’m on a different path. Plus I wanted to go out and sing.”
Naturally, that response brought up the subject of a potential reunion with the group. “Never say never,” he continued. “There’s no malice. People propagate a story that there’s problems. No. You spend 30 something years in a band. That’s a long time. Not a lot of bands had that kind of longevity. We weren’t a band who took any breaks. The Rolling Stones or U2 will take three years off so they have a life, we didn’t really do that ever. The 30 years we put in probably felt like 50 years.