New Y&T album on the way


In a recent interview with Classic Rock History, Dave Meniketti revealed that Y&T are planning to release a new studio album in 2024.

This will be the band’s first release of original material since “Facemelter”, which was out back in 2010. Since then the band suffered the loss of its original bassist and Meniketti’s close friend, Phil Kennemore…

“I was faced with my best friend and writing partner being sick, and eventually, he passed away nine months after the diagnosis. That put us in a situation where now we had a new member and had to keep things going. Had Phil not passed away, I’m sure we would have made another record. But I wasn’t into it and needed time to move on from that”, said Meniketti.

“We finally started writing some new material, which began about five or six years after Facemelter. But in that moment, we weren’t feeling it, well… I wasn’t feeling it, to be totally honest. It stayed that way for a while; I had to be ready. And the truth is that I know we’re not going to make a ton of money from a record. That’s the reality of the music business today. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to make a new record because we do. We’ve got some material that stands up to what we’ve done, and I’m feeling ready to do it. There will probably be a new Y&T record within the next year or so. That’s what’s been floating around as I look forward to the next six, seven, or eight months.”