In a new interview with Goldmine, legendary Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne talks about leaving the concert stage with Sabbath for the last time, whether he regrets being the most famous drug addict in heavy metal history, and the future. Here’s an excerpt from the chat:
Goldmine: It may be the end of Black Sabbath, but it is not the end for you…

Ozzy: “It is the end of Black Sabbath, but if Tony phoned me up and said he was doing a blues album and he wanted me to sing on it then I would ask him where he wanted to meet. The same goes for Geezer. The one thing that I am happy about is that we’re all still alive, you know. David Bowie dying was fucking hell. What a talent he was. I met him once or twice. Once I was walking across the road and he shouted ‘Hey, Ozzy!’ He sat next to me in a restaurant and he was reading the newspaper. He was a very, very, very talented guy.”