Greeks Persona Non Grata published a music video from a live performance of their song “Hope” from their recent studio album “Confirm Your Humanity”. The band was formed in 2003 when John Ioannidis (keyboards) invited Chris Gatsos (guitars) to join his group Fatal Error. It didn’t take long for John and Chris to realize that they had to move on to progressive metal music which was a mix of rock that John loved to play and heavy metal that Chris grew up with. In order to achieve this, they had to change the band’s line-up. During this period they focused on writing music, which ended up becoming the material that appeared on the “Shade In The Light” CD. It was two years later when vocalist Bill Axiotis joined Persona Non Grata and they started recording this album. They asked session musicians Akis Gavalas (drums) and Chris Vogiatzis (bass) to help record the release. When the sessions were over, they felt a synergy with the three members of the band and came on board permanently, completing the lineup of Persona Non Grata. Nowadays the band’s vocals are handled by Bill Axiotis who returned to the band after being replaced by Aris Pirris for the band’s second album, Ioannidis and Gatsos handle keyboards and guitar respectively, while drummer Takis Idas and bassist Chris Kollias were added to the lineup.

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