Poem – Unique


This time it didn’t take seven years for the next Poem album. I don’t think it would have taken so long anyway, because the progsters from Athens were more than active the past two years. The success of “Skein Syndrome” gave them this opportunity. The tours supporting Amorphis and Persefone can confirm that.

Without wasting time, “Unique” is here and continues from where the last one ended. The fans of the band didn’t expect anything less than something awesome and the band proved them right. Based on the sound and direction of “Skein Syndrome”, they win another bet. Without trying to create long and meaningless music to impress people, they just write music. Very good music. Compositions that you want to hear again, melodies that stick in your head, forty minutes without unnecessary parts that come along with the great voice of George Prokopiou.

Songs like “False Morality” with the addictive refrain that opens the album, the more melodic “Unique” and my personal favorite “Four Cornered God” with the amazing riff in the middle and the end of it, show the quality that there is in this record. The final result sounds excellent, a credit that goes to Hector Tsolakis. He also put his hand in “Skein Syndrome” and in the latest albums of Need and Mother Of Millions. That must mean something, because these are probably the best three Greek progressive metal acts.

Poem move forward pushed by the success of their previous album, they have already finished their first co-headline European tour with Damnations Day from Australia and all that is left is to wait and see what more they will achieve. With albums like that, a lot more. Long live the Greek scene!