Praying Mantis is one of the most beloved bands in Greece with a loyal and supportive fan base. Unfortunately, they never managed to achieve fame and commercial success which is really a shame because they so rightfully deserved it.

As a matter of fact, the beginning seemed quite promising as the debut album “Time Tells No Lies” gained rave reviews by the press at the time and for a moment Mantis were on a path of finding a comfortable place along side such legendary outfits as Maiden, Saxon, Def Leppard. Unfortunately, destiny had other plans for them but, as they say, everything happens for a reason and luckily for all of us who always believed in the band, the Troy brothers carried on (despite a long time period of inactivity in the 80s).

“Forever In Time” is quite possibly the best and most representative sample of Praying Mantis’ musical essence. It includes every characteristic that the band became famous of (twin guitar solos and melodic hooks, catchy choruses, superb keyboard sound, pompous production, well-crafted backing vocals and harmonies etc.) while Chris Tsangarides behind the console co-ordinates wonderfully the band members that are absolutely on fire! Personally, I regard this specific line-up of Stratton/Bisland/O’ Hora/ Chris & Tino Troy as the best Praying Mantis incarnation ever!
From the insurmountable “Best Years (with the nostalgic lyrics and the haunting melody) and the ultra melodic “Wasted Years” right up to the pomp-influenced epic numbers “The Messiah” and “Valley of the Kings”, “Forever In Time” remains a top-class record; an album destined to achieve a classic status and stand…Forever In Time!
Praying Mantis are scheduled to appear in Greece this November in the frame of Rock You To Hell II Festival.
Sakis Nikas