On an interview Rob Halford gave to… Accept’s Mark Tornillo the Metal God said that Judas Priest want to release another album. “Yeah. I think we need to do it”, said Halford, Accept’s got enough records that you guys can go out and not need to write new music, but you do. Priestis in the same situation, because, as musicians, that’s how we got to where we are — we got to where we are by writing and recording. I think the big dilemma is how bands, particularly new, young bands, how they’re able to make a living out of that process now, because it’s difficult, isn’t it? It’s really difficult, because everybody fucking steals it. And then you’ve got a lot of young kids that say, ‘I’m not gonna pay for it. I’m just gonna watch it off YouTube or get it from here and there and everywhere.’ So the economics of putting a new band together and getting your music listened to and people buying it and getting a few dollars to put back in the band, it’s really hard work now. But I think it’s very, very important that no matter what band you’re in, you test yourself and you see what you’re capable of doing. And that’s why Priest is gonna make another record after ‘Redeemer Of Souls’. We don’t need to, but we want to. We genuinely wanna do another record, because we had a blast making ‘Redeemer Of Souls’. So you just do it, don’t you, man? This is what we do. We’re a band. You’re in a rock and roll band. You write songs, you play ’em out live, and that’s what it is.”

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