German power metallers a “best of” compilation which contains new songs including a cover on “If Looks Could Kill” by Heart, on November 10th. Mat Sinner says: “We wanted to come up with something special instead of a regular “Best Of” album. We’ve recorded 4 new songs including a cover of the Heart song ‘If Looks Could Kill’ and in my view one of the best vocal performances of Ralf Scheepers career – crushing! We’ve divided the album in 2 CDs – on CD 1 the new tracks and our most favorite rockers, on CD 2 the epic stuff and the long songs including an exciting artwork by Stan Decker. This is a compilation we’re proud of and much more than a collector’s item!”

“Area 16” (new song)
“Predator” (new song)
“If Looks Could Kill” (new song)
“Thrill Of Speed” (new song)
“The End Is Near”
“Sign Of Fear”
“In Metal We Trust”
“When Death Comes Knocking”
“Six Times Dead”
“Angels Of Mercy”
“Riding The Eagle”
“King For A Day”
“Bad Guys Wear Black”
“Everytime It Rains” (feat. Simone Simons)
“We Walk Without Fear”
“Fighting The Darkness” (long version)
“Hands Of Time”
“One Night In December”
“The Sky Is Burning”
“Where Angels Die”
“Black Rain”
“Born With A Broken Heart” (feat. Liv) (Remix)
“Born Again”
“The Man (That I Don’t Know)”