Rave In Fire – Sons Of A Lie


Rave In Fire come from Spain and they released their first album with Sele taking over the mic from Willy. Actually, the transition from frontman to frontwoman should be considered successful, at least as far as this album is concerned.

What got my attention on this band was that from the start they hide their influences very well and there are not too obvious references to the bands that nowadays are more and more copied, for example Iron Maiden. That doesn’t mean that you won’t find clichés, or stuff you’ve never heard before. Are you talking about parthenogenesis? Forget about it! But, instead of that we have a band that’s decent, knows its stuff, loves metal, has its own approach, great ideas and can write good songs. Rave In Fire tick all the boxes. Sele is a great singer, and her performance on every song is amazing. She puts some grain when it’s needed, while on guitars the work that’s been done is also great with the swagger that goes with it, the ‘80s feel, as well as the modern one.

Apart from “Shout” that kicks-off the album, you should also check out “Bite The Fire”, “Never Forget” that starts slowly and builds up to a great mid-tempo tune, the fast and furious “Set Me Free” and the dark and gloomy “Memories”.