“Unbreakable” VS. “Eyes Of Alice Cooper”


“Eyes Of Alice Cooper”: This was a hell of a comeback for Alice, who in 2003 decided to return to his garage roots and once again become relevant. So, maybe the “Trash” era was long ago, but the Prince Of Darkness respects his legacy and gave us an album that was worthy of his history.

It was full of energy and sounded fresh, although it was… vintage. The specific album was the spark that resurrected Alice, who rather unexpectedly entered the ‘00s on a high which was maintained by “Dirty Diamonds” and “Along Came A Spider” that followed. Whoever thought that Alice was finished, or just a memory from the past, this was the best way to get his revenge…

“Unbreakable”: Only a year after the release of the above album Scorpions made their own return to top form. After several failed experiments and weak albums “Unbreakable” turns the situation upside down. The sting has fresh deadly poison and shows that older bands can still rock. Also, that you can maintain your identity and at the same time add new elements to your sound creating a well-balanced between classic and new result.

The sound might be a more modern, more polished and the production more up to date, but the engine under the hood is the same. Schenker’s riffs are always hitting bull’s eye and if you are looking to find a weak song in here you are wasting your time.

Just like Alice Cooper, this album was a counter attack for the Scorps that lasts to this day. This time the sting bit so hard that actually created hordes of haters who are making fools of themselves mocking this great band.