Resurrection Kings

Craig Goldy, Chas West and Vinny Appice announced the return of their band, Resurrection Kings, with the release of their sophomore album, “Skygazer”, for July 16th via Frontiers, while they also released a video for “World’s On Fire”.

“Once again, with the talent pool in which we have access to create, we all brought our ‘A’ game to the writing and recording of this album. With the freedom to utilize the music that we all were influenced by that started our musical endeavors to begin with, hopefully we expanded upon them in a way in which to inspire another generation of listeners to start a similar journey”, says Goldy.

Track listing:

01. Skygazer
02. World’s On Fire
03. Tears
04. Fight Against Our Pride

05. Angry Demons
06. Savior Of Souls
07. Don’t Blame Our Love
08. Is This The End
09. Troubled Soul
10. Set Me On Fire
11. Calling All Angels