Iced Earth

On a new video of the Capitol riot  from CNN, Jon Schaffer can be seen inside the building.

Schaffer is near the front of the mob, wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, a tactical vest and black leather fingerless tactical gloves, and pointing his finger while yelling at the officers.

Also, Iced Earth members, Stu Block, Luke Appleton and Jake Dreyer announced that they are no longer members of Iced Earth.

“Before I made any personal decision I needed the last few weeks to process the situation as well as respect others in our camp processing the situation. I thank you all very much for respecting this. It’s the best decision in many ways for my personal/ professional growth going forward. Time to move on, heal and prosper”, said Block.

“In response to recent events & circumstances, I have notified Iced Earth’s management and Jon that I will be resigning as the Iced Earth bassist with immediate effect. Guitarist Jake Dreyer, who was hired from 2016 to 2018 to play with the band said that he will be focusing to Witherfall from now on and said that “it’s unfortunate how this tragedy unfolded”.