The band kicked off in Athens in 2010 and this is their third album. Impressed? Well, you should be! And, please, take under consideration that we haven’t even started to listen yet… Wait a bit, I’m hitting “Play”… OK, let’s move to the essence of this release. Markos 6SN is the man and mastermind behind SixStringNoise or SSN or even 6SN if you please… Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, composing, production, missing, artcover, you-name-it and much more! Alex M is behind the drum-kit and behold, the new songs are invading our speakers. Do you happen to like Heavy Rock? How about some totally melodic Metal? Kewl, we are all heading the same way, in the ideal track.

Huge riffing and a backbone successfully supporting the whole issue. Whether it’s an electric guitar war out there or balladreams, the band delivers the very loud, powerful and lyrical way, a rather blissful coincidence for the potential listeners/fans. I thought of Soundgarden, I thought of the new Slash&Myles amazing stuff, I thought of bloody good Hard Rock hailing from previous decades, very modern though, regarding technical and sonic approach. I loved the whole package, especially “Bridges Burned Down”, “Around My Head”, “Every Thorn”, “Bloom”… Maaaan, I should put the entire tracklist here. It’s a fine crafted piece of art, it’s worth listening to it from top to bottom. It’s heavy where it should be, it’s crystal where it’s needed.  

I do hope that Markos will pull the necessary magic out and that we’ll get to see them live on stage soon. Apart from the fact that every healthy musician loves to play their own material live, it’s a fact we’re gonna have a blast during their show. We’re talking about megatons of melody and beautiful wilderness. SSN have become one of my beloved bands and it was a totally easy decision to make. Best of success, you snake riders!