SIXX: A.M. – Modern Vintage


Quite honestly I didn’t see that coming…what started as a side project by Nikki Sixx 7 years ago shaped into a permanent outfit that has achieved substantial commercial and artistic success. You see, it cannot pass unnoticed the fact that their previous two albums has sold only in the States more than 600.000 copies while all the reviews have been raving.

“Modern Vintage” might bear the ever characteristic stamp of Sixx-Ashba-Michael and the sound is again the trademark SIXX: A.M. sound but it is different than its two predecessors in at least three points. First of all, “Modern Vintage” is groovier; more dance-rock orientated and at moments projects a power pop aesthetic. In addition, it has embraced even more firmly the modern rock technique and all its songs can be aired in all the radio stations across the country. Last but certainly not least, a few songs (EG. Get Ya Some, “Hyperventilate”) embody a theatricality, quite similar to that of a Broadway show or a Queen outtake which reflect perfectly the album title.

With “Modern Vintage”, SIXX: A.M. takes full advantage of the tools of the most advanced technology in the music business while at the same time pays full attention in enriching their songs with the most essential elements used by the classic bands of the 70s and 80s which focused in melody, lyrics, verses, choruses…in general, the composition itself!

Highlight: This is the first SIXX: A.M. album that is not accompanied by a book as it was the case with “Heroin Diaries” and “This is Gonna Hurt”.