Skull Fist

Canadian metallers Skull Fist has announced that they have begun recording their fourth album at Vespa Studios in Toronto, Canada, which is going to be released in early 2021. The album is being engineered by Chris Snow, mixed by Eric Ratz and mastered by Harry Hess.

Zach Slaughter, the band’s frontman  said with a bit of irony: “It’s an honour to be asked by lead drummer JJ Tartaglia to work on this next Skull Fist record with the band, so far it is sounding very much like the first two albums musically and if approved by lead bass player Casey Guest the albums production will sound like a mix between chasing the dream and way of the road, perhaps with a little less Cher on the vocals. We’re pretty stoked and feelin’ shreddy about this one. Hopefully we’ve got some sort of goldy locks zone thing goin’ on with the sound of this one.”

Below you can check a piece of the action in the studio…