Sleazy Rider Records has announced that Astarte’s last opus, Blackdemonium album will be released and will spread the last songs of Tristessa worldwide. Expect something more extreme, raw and black. The mix and mastering of Blackdemonium will take place at Steve Lado studio and the cover of the album is designed by Andrej Bartulovi’j (All Things Rotten design).
A 7” vinyl will be released prior to the Blackdemonium album. The cover is created by Virginia Kakava (Art Of Sin Design). More info for these two new releases will be announced soon.
Sleazy Rider will later on re-release Astarte’s back-catalogue with bonus material, plus separately Dancing In The Dark Lakes Of Evil, their first demo under the name of LLOTH (never released officially on CD or LP). Blackdemonium and the previous albums of Astarte will be released on tape, CD and LP.