On a recent interview he gave to Eddie Trunk Joe Lynn Turner slammed Ritchie Blackmore about the re-incarnation of Rainbow commenting that the fans deserve something more than a covers band. Joe also said that it’s a mistake to use replacement musicians because Blackmore is a huge icon and deserves better than that. The singer also commented about his exclusion of the project: Well, I was shocked, only because for over a year… See, the truth is I wanted an authentic lineup for RAINBOW. I think the way that it should have gone down is an authentic lineup. I was talking to [bassist] Bob Daisley, [drummer Bobby] Rondinelli, [bassist] Roger Glover, [keyboardist] Don Airey… There’s a whole bunch of guys out there that were really willing to sort of get involved with this… open up their schedules and get involved. And, apparently, Ritchie didn’t wanna do that. He also expanded on how Blackmore’s manager (and mother in law) used his name as a member of the new Rainbow lineup, which wasn’t true and he also mentioned his ideas and proposals of making an extravagant Rainbow reunion followed by a live album and DVD etc. He once again expressed his surprise about the band Blackmore is joining and he said about the man in black himself: You’ve gotta understand something: he doesn’t talk to people; he talks through people. I talked to Dr. Drew Thompson, I talked to Carole Stevens… I talked to these people instead of him. He always puts them in front of him so he doesn’t have to actually converse with me — or converse with anyone, for that matter.”