Tobias Sammet Jim Steinman

In a recent post on his Facebook page, Avantasia and Edguy mastermind, Tobias Sammet, wrote a touching tribute to Jim Steinman, who passed away a few days ago.

“Just heard the tragic news. Rest in Peace and safe travels, Jim Steinman.

Another part of my youth died. Another part of my musical DNA. I adored him as a song writer, I never got to meet him. The closest I got was when I was asked to sing in his musical, which I couldn’t do, because, well, time and then those big shoes of Meat, no, thank you. There are other ways to make a fool out of myself. 

Jim Steinman would have been one of the few people that a stubborn like me would have loved to write a song with. I stole from his oevre, all the time. I will always pay tribute to his writing. 

Another painful reminder to seize the day and follow our hearts, because our days on this planet are limited. 

Jim Steinman, your music is going to live forever, it will surpass the shit music industry of today by millions of years. ‘Ghost In The Moon’ was a tribute to your writing skills, and I failed to come even close. 

I’ll blast Bat Out Of Hell now, in your honour, genius!

Safe travels! RIP Jim Steinman”