TONY IOMMI: Tony Martin box set and “Born Again” re-mix


In a recent interview with about Black Sabbath’s reissue of “Sabotage”, riff master, Tony Iommi, talked about future plans regarding the band’s back catalogue.

“There should be a box set from the Tony Martin era [1987-1991 and 1994-1996],” the guitarist said. “I’m also thinking of remixing the album ‘Born Again’, the one with Ian Gillan, now that we have found the original tapes.”

Note that “Born Again” was re-released in 2011 including a bonus CD with the band’s show at Reading Festival in 1983.

Finally, just a reminder of how Gillan became a member of the band, after a drunken night in one of the oldest pubs in England, the Bear Inn in Oxford,  in his own words: “I went for a drink with Tony and Geezer, and we ended up under the table. And I can’t remember much more that happened. But I got a call from my manager the next day saying, ‘Don’t you think you should call me if you’re gonna make decisions like this?’ I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ He said, ‘Well, apparently you… I just got a call. You agreed to join Sabbath.’