UFO urge their fans to have a blast… in Greece!


After the sad news of UFO’s frontman, Phil Mogg, suffering a heart attack and the band canceling its “Last Orders” farewell tour, the last two shows that were supposed to take place in Greece were also canceled.

However, knowing that fans from all around the world had bought tickets and already arranged to spend a few days in Greece, as well as watching their favourite band, UFO wished them to have a good time there and share photos from their holidays!

“We know that quite a few of you are going ahead with your holidays in Greece. It’s a great place to spend time, on the beaches and in Athens and Thessaloniki!

If you bump into other UFO fans while you’re there (we’re sure there will be a few people wearing UFO t-shirts or with UFO tattoos!) please meet up, take photos, and share a small glass of Ouzo and a moussaka with them.

Send us your photos, okay – we miss being there too!”