This piece of news coming straight from the ever reliable website: Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has been interviewed by Las Vegas radio and mentioned the possible second residency.
Journalist: “VIVA! Pyromania”?

Vivian Campbell: “Well yeah I mean that would be the obvious next one to do you know. We did Hysteria. Pyromania would be the next one in line I would think. You know but we’d obviously have to fill out that show with something other than the Pyromania record because I think Pyromania comes in at 39 mins or so. It’s not a very long record.”

“So it wouldn’t be enough to sustain an entire show. But then again when we did the VIVA! Hysteria thing. The most fun part of that show for me personally was that we were our own opening act as Ded Flatbird. You know because Ded Flatbird played a bunch of really obscure album cuts. And a different setlist. So it was a real challenge but it was great fun. So obviously we would have to consider doing something like that. Especially in light of the fact that Pyromania doesn’t run particularly long.”