Warlord Box Set (Japanese Remastered)


Yet we have another box set / re-release from Warlord here (following the other box-set called “The Imperial Box“, containing again their entire back-catalogue). Since Warlord resurfaced in 2011 their entire back-catalogue got re-released a number of times (I believe that “Deliver Us” has been re-released and re-mastered about 5 times, excluding: “LP” and the “Tape” versions).

This box set contains the first 3 albums ( “Deliver Us”, “Cannons of Destruction Have Begun …”, “Rising Out Of The Ashes”), including the “Lost And Lonley Days” Single, split at bonus tracks between the “Deliver Us”and “And the Cannons of Destruction Have Begun … “ albums, and the “And the Cannons of Destruction Have Begun …” DVD. The DVD has been touched up and the end result is really great. Finally the “Cannons” DVD received the Audio and Video that it truly deserves. The rest of the material doesn’t provide anything special, as they can be found within the Anthology compilation disc that was released a few years back.

This release is aimed only for just the die-hard fans. At the same time the band announced that yet again their entire back-catalogue will be re-released (AGAIN) as Limited Digipack Discs. Honestly now, how many times do we have to buy the same albums over and over again? This business of re-issuing everything five or six times has become really stupid, we need new material and not the same albums over and over again!