White Widdow – Silhouette


It is almost a guaranteed result even before you get to listen to the album itself. You know, almost beforehand, that White Widdow will deliver the goods once again as their 80s-inspired AOR sound is not only catchy as hell but at the same time most qualitative. Yes, the sonic wheel is not being reinvented here but I dare to say that White Widdow has managed through the years to create its own trademark sound that makes you identify them even by the sheer listening of the first notes of one of their songs! Xavier Millis’ keyboards and Jules Millis’ vocals are the first things that you notice while Enzo Almanzi’s guitar adds that secret ingredient to the White Widdow sound.

“Silhouette” is the fourth chapter in the White Widdow saga and it carries on from where the magnificent “Crossfire” had stopped. There are not really major differential points with its predecessor and I don’t think that the fans of the band were longing for such a thing. Again, the compositions are well crafted and absolutely mind-blowing while the overall performance in the studio is flawless. Special reference should be made to Almanzi’s guitar work which is stellar (personally, I believe that this is his best guitar work to date and Eddie Van Halen would be so proud) and to the steady rhythm section of Ben Webster & Noel Tenny that drives the White Widdow vehicle.

Among the highlights we should include the brilliant opening track “Stranded” (that continues the White Widdow tradition of having excellent opening tracks in every record), “Surrender My Heart” with the beautiful video-clip, the unbelievable mid-tempo track “Last Chance For Love” and “Wild At Heart” which could have easily been a sister song to “Angel” (from “Crossfire”).

All in all, White Widdow is back (for the attack) and again they release a splendid sample of AOR sound that will give joy to all their fans around the world. Can’t wait for the…Boys Down Under to return to Greek soil real soon!

Highlight: 4 extraordinary records in 6 years…that’s a remarkable fit, isn’t it?