Whitesnake in Christmas mode


“David hasn’t said anything about any live shows. The only thing… He texted me last week and wants me to come over and do a Christmas record. He loves Christmas — he’s really into old St. Nick. He wants to do some Christmas stuff, which is great. He’s writing it now, so he wants to have it out by Christmastime. It might be kind of a ‘risqué’ Christmas album. And then I’m sure he’s gonna wanna go out and do some stuff next year.”

However, Whitesnake’s frontman, David Coverdale, clarified through his Twitter account that the Christmas project will not be a full-length album.

“Nope…not an album…Sorry…”, he wrote. “I’m working on a couple of festive ditties…Not quite sure how to record with my guys remotely…But, def worth trying…:)”